Arm Workouts At Home Without Weight

Arm Workouts, Exercises That You Can Do With And Without Weights

Most of us assume that to develop muscular arms, we need to work with weights. Honestly, that is not true. There is no hard-and-fast rule of performing an arm workout with weights. You can still develop strong arms without using any weight at all. you must keep in mind these health and fitness lies

This blog will uncover some of the most versatile arm exercises that you can perform both with and without weights. You can switch to something comfortable instantly on days you do not feel like working with weights.

Top 5 Arm Workouts at home:-


1. Triceps Dips

Put your hand shoulder-width apart on any furniture. Make sure you are leaning on the same furniture. Now, shift your pelvis and bottom forward. This will leave a gap of 3 to 6 inches between your back and the object. Now, bend your lower body at a 90 degree angle.



Make sure your feet are firmly on the floor. Gradually, lower your body downwards and get back up. Concentrate on tricep engagement. Make sure you complete at least 3 to 12 reps sufficiency for this arm workout.


2. Plank Sidewalk

Set a 1-minute timer and begin with the arm workout. Start in a lifted position where your arms should expand towards your shoulders. At this point, your palms should touch the floor. Extend your legs at the back with your toes pressing on the ground.


Your core should be engaged and in alignment with the body. Now, try to walk your hands and feet to a single side. Keep in mind to take around 2 to 3 steps in a single direction. Now, gradually return to the initial position and take the same steps towards a direction.

Make sure you perform the exercise for another 30 seconds. Do not forget to follow the instructions as prescribed for the best experience.


3. Rolling Pushups

Start performing the exercise on a lifted plank and lower down to a standard push up. Return to the beginning position and lift one arm from the floor. Stretch your hands and bring them overhead. Rotate your back by putting the other arm on the floor in the opposite direction of your body.


Lift the free hand towards the ceiling and rotate towards the lifted front plank position. Now, get back down into a pushup and repeat the arm workout. Perform at least ten such pushups in 3 sets.


4. Superman

Lie on your stomach on the floor and extend both your arms and legs. Now, engage your shoulders and gluts. Raise your chest, legs and arms from the ground. Hold on to this for around 3 seconds. Gradually, return to the initial position. Perform at least ten such arm workouts in 3 sets.


You will be able to see the difference in no time at all. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to leave no stone unturned.


5. Kickboxing Punches

Start performing the workout by having your feet hip-width apart. Now, take your right arm and put it at a 45-degree angle. Make sure your fist rests just below the jaw line. Extend your arm across the entire body and punch your fist at an imaginary target. Make sure that you exert enough force around your punch.


However, remember to avoid overextending your shoulder muscles. Try to throw around 15 punches with one arm before switching to the other. Make sure you perform about four sets on both sides.



These arm workouts that we have listed above for you are easy to perform, flexible and can be performed using both weights and no weight. So, why keep waiting? Level up your fitness game by completing them regularly. We promise; it will be worth the wait!

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