Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Cervical Cancer

Among the different types of cancers that affect women the most, cervical cancer is the leading one. It is cancer caused in the cervix where the uterus and the vagina connect. Every year thousands of women die because of cervical cancer. But because it is possible to know about cervical cancer in an early stage, it is possible to treat it. Even it can be prevented by regular checkups and treatments with the help of gynecologist and oncologist in India.

People have some common concern regarding Cervical Cancer. Here, they can read the answers to some of the questions which they have in their mind regarding cervical cancer.

What are the main reasons behind the Cervical Cancer?

There are many reasons behind the Cervical Cancer, so let’s know some important reasons.

  • Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) – The HPV virus is one of the main reasons for Cervical Cancer. They can be sexually transmitted.
  • Chlamydia Infection – This is a kind of bacterial infection. This also gets sexually transmitted.
  • Hereditary – If any other women in the family be it the mother or the sister had cervical cancer. Then the risk of getting Cervical Cancer becomes more.
  • Weak Immune System – If your immune system is weak because of some kind of drugs or medications. Or because of any recent organ transplant surgery. Then the chances of getting HPV Virus increases.
  • Obesity – Women with a heavyweight or suffering from obesity, also have the risk of Cervical Cancer.
  • Sexual History – If someone is involved with many sexual partners, the chances of Cervical Cancer increase. Also, if a woman had intercourse at a very early age, then also Cervical Cancer can be caused.

Can Cervical Cancer be transmitted?

No, Cervical Cancer cannot be transmitted from one person to another. But yes, the reason and the main cause behind the Cervical Cancer is definitely transmittable. The HPV Virus can be transmitted during sexual intercourse.

Can Cervical Cancer be prevented?

Yes, Cervical Cancer can be prevented if it is in an early stage. As it takes time in the development of cervix cancerous cells. So, with the help of the PAP test, the doctors can diagnose the cervix abnormal cells. Treatment of those abnormal cervix cells can be done before they become cancerous.

What are the different preventive measures for Cervical Cancer?

By following the below mentioned preventable measures, one can prevent Cervical Cancer.

  • To protect against HPV, you get vaccinated with HPV Vaccination. It will not only just stop Cervical Cancer from occurring but will also prevent vulvas and vaginal cancers.
  • Quit smoking, as HPV which is the reason for Cervical Cancer is related to smoking.
  • Do not get involved in sex practices which are unsafe. One should have limited sexual partners and should also use condoms during sex.
  • Get the PAP Smear Test done on a regular basis to find out the abnormal or precancerous cells.
  • If the precancerous cells are detected in the PAP Test, then get the treatment done before it becomes cancerous.

Why get the PAP test done?

For knowing whether one has abnormal or precancerous cells in the cervix or not, PAP test is required. The best time to get the PAP test conducted is around 5 to 6 days after your Periods. The doctor will conduct the test at their clinic using a speculum (medical instrument), to see the vagina and cervix. Some cells are taken out from the vagina and cervix using a small brush. Later, these cells are transferred in a solution or a glass slide from the brush for the lab test to detect the cells condition.

What symptoms one can notice in case of Cervical Cancer?

No symptoms will be there in the Cervical Cancer’s early stage. But when the cancerous cells will be fully developed, you will see some symptoms. Like pain in the pelvis, pain during intercourse, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and abnormal vaginal discharge. Cervical Cancer Treatment is possible with the help of some good doctors.

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