5 shoe types every man should have in his closet

Shoes are a must have for every human being. But for some people a very specific kind of boots are important. However, shoes remain the necessity of everyone whether male or female, young or old. Whether you are a professional, a college stud, a fashion model or just the next door guy, you must have to wear or suit up at least a month. Fashion, however, keeps changing and requires you to keep pace with it. Also, suiting and matching requirements for every kind of apparel are different so you need to know must have types for shoes for every occasion. Here, we will share types of shoes that every man need to have. We are not only telling you the best shoe types for every occasion rather, but we also bring them so you can easily buy men’s shoes online.

Formal shoes:

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First of all, let’s talk about formal shoes. Formal shoes are a must-have clothing accessory for every professional man. Simply put, you need to have at least one pair of formal shoes in your closet no matter, you are a professional or a student. Every man has to ultimately suit up and therefore, you just need a pair of formal shoes. The most common types of formal shoes for office, professional ceremony or any type of professional gathering are:

  • The Oxford
  • The Derby
  • Monk Strap
  • Loafers
  • Dress boots

Casual shoes:

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Casual shoes are another must-have type of shoes for every man regardless of age. Casual shoes can be worn with any kind of apparel. These are the most common types of shoes that a man has to wear in his lifetime. College students, professionals, businessmen, workers, players all prefer casual shoes more than any footwear. Before you order casual shoes online, make sure to have slip-on shoes in your watch list. These are the best casual shoes that you could ever need. Plus, these go perfectly with any kind of apparel.


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One of the most fashion savvy and classy footwear type for men is a sneaker. Sneaker boots are perfect for any non-formal gathering. You can wear them with jeans, baggy or any kind of pants. Plus, sneakers are super-comfortable shoes that a man would ever require to wear. One great thing that I like the most about sneaker shoes is that these can be worn on any occasion, which makes them super diverse. If you are going to order men’s sneaker shoes online, don’t forget to check out on Naqad.pk.

Joggers or sports shoes:

Joggers or sports shoes are another type of shoes for men that are pretty common among men and boys. If you are a healthy savvy person who wants to walk a couple of miles every day, joggers or sports shoes becomes the essential outfit component.

Sandals or slippers:

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During the summer season, when the sun is in full mood of sweating your whole body, sandals or slippers are the best footwear accessory for every man. Plus, sandals or slippers could become the most important fashion accessory in your closet if you can wear it right on the right occasion. Slippers also are great footwear for men who like to free their feet.

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